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ALL ABOARD FOLKS! – New Contributors for 2012

A3WordReview is proud to announce that over the coming weeks and into 2012, a whole new set of fresh voices will be boarding the A3W Express. Lending their unique perspectives on a wide range of all things entertaining and educational, these folks are skilled in the ways of the written word.

We will be expanding our opinions to include more Television, Sports, Books of all types, Music and People. There will be interviews, original video content, giveaways and partnerships with other respected sites. While it won’t all happen at once it will happen.

Over the same few weeks and months the site will go through some hiccups and changes, so please be patient. And in the words of Homeland Security, if you see something – say something.

So please check back often and welcome each new contributor with a righteous smack on the back and stiff drink.

And now, Glengarry Glen Ross: F Rated Version

About Matt Edwards

I will usually rail on a film. Why? Because most films I end up seeing turn out to be garbage. Because the concept of the story was intriguing enough to get me in the seat, I usually get more upset and frustrated when I can clearly see where the film went wrong. I won’t be posting all the time because I actually work, have a girlfriend and don’t need to spend all frackin’ day writing reviews for free. Consider this blog a service to you. You can thank me at a book signing.


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