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Jimmy Kimmel Show – Just Say No

Who the heck does this guy think he is, Santa? I think that all the kids in the whole wide world need to teach this man on tv a lesson. I saw when he told the parents to eat all the Halloween candy and then he made kids get so upset and now he tells parents to give kids Christmas presents early that are like – half eaten sandwiches and old bananas and maybe even a potato that is supposed to be a Mr. Potato Head but is probably a real potato. This man is not good for kids. I think he should be punished and have a really long timeout, like a whole seven minutes. My mom gave me a timeout that was five minutes and it was not fair because it was so long and my Tinker Bell movie that I had to pause got turned off by the dvd player and when my stupid brother came in to play his stupid video game that he never let’s me play because mommy told him he doesn’t have to let me if its a loud game with shooting.

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