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American Horror Story Season Finale (2011) – WTF Just Happened

[Editor note: Please welcome RandomnessAndIceCream to the show. She will be providing A3WR readers with her analysis of all things television. Be nice to her or I am certain her cats will find you.] 

American Horror Story is a guilty pleasure and I love every minute of it. The entire season were just “WTF JUST HAPPENED” moments again and again.

This review of the season finale will contain spoilers. The first twenty minutes of the show was dedicated to show the grief and suffering and in the end what I found to be contentment of the Harmon Family.

Dr. Harmon  is trying to work through his anguish in regards to his wife dying whilst giving birth to her demon seed spawn and the fact that his teenage daughter committed suicide. Graphic photo of  Violets Body

Interestingly  enough both his wife and daughter’s story-lines  involved our favorite teen angst-rubber suit wearing, Tate. Personally, I really hope Ryan Murphy finds a way to include Tate next season. According to this americanhorrorlink each season will be a completely new story/new location/new primary characters.

Anyway,  back to the review. Dr Harmon wants to kill himself, but is stopped by the ghosts’ of his wife and daughter who persuade him to take the demon baby and RUNNNNN!!!!!

He takes their advice and is in the process of leaving when Hayden the evil bitch ghost, a couple other ghosts thugs I don’t recognize grab Him. The ghosts manage to  wrap a noose around his neck and hang him from the second story balcony. So he dies and gets to spend eternity with Viven (his wife) and Violet (his teenage daughter).

What happened to the baby????

Cut to scene “Constance and police detectives in kitchen”

Wherein Constance basically tells the cops she went to the house to check on Dr. Harmon and Violet and discovers the body of Dr. Harmon hanging from the ceiling and Violet and the baby missing. (No One outside the house except Constance really knows Violet is dead). Constance tells the detectives she assumes that Violet took the baby and ran.

Cut to scene “Constance in basement of Harmon Horror  House”

Ghost bitch Hayden is holding the baby and says to Constance something like “Did you come to see my baby” to which Constance replies  “Ive come to take my grandson” Her dead son Tate did rape Mrs. Harmon. That makes the demon spawn baby her grandson. (As I write this I am realizing just how many wtf moments there are in this show and I am probably leaving out some pivotal background information on the characters within the show.  )

Back to ghost bitch–and Constance in the basement

Hayden says “Over my dead body” and then Constance’s dead boy toy lover slits Hayden’s throat. This in itself I did not understand, because Hayden is already dead. I guess in the house when a ghost gets injured it slows them down for a few minutes. Long enough for the dead boy toy to grab the demon baby and give it to Constance who ends up hiding the baby in a secret closet with busted mirrors for walls. (not really sure what was going on there)…..

Cut to scene: New family looking at purchasing now vacant house

A middle aged, good looking Hispanic couple and their teenage son buy the house. The couple are having sexy time in the kitchen . Mr. and Mrs Harmon ghost start watching the sexy time couple  and realize they do not want this couple to go through what they went through and go out of their way to scare the new family so that they leave in the middle of the night. I really wanted the house to sort of suck itself in like on Poltergeist. It did not happen.

Show ended with the Harmons realizing they would be scaring many people over the years so they would not fall victim to the House.

There were so many more tidbits to this episode and we got to see our beloved Moira again. I hope this review urges at least one person to watch. That’s all I want in life. People to watch American Horror Story and for my cat’s to start talking. Talking cat’s? That would be awesome. Meow Meow.

The show got picked up for a second season and my cat’s and I will be watching.

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