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You Forgot One – 10 Unforgettable Film Teasers

Over at Movie Critic Assassins, Sensei White Lotus throws down a pretty awesome list of one of my favorite delights. The Movie Teaser Trailer. The usually short and simple 1st look at a either a highly anticipated film or one that becomes highly anticipated due to the awesome tease.

Head over to Movie Critic Assassins to check out some of the best movie teasers. Unfortunately, the Sensei forgot one.

It may not be included in his list because the MPAA wouldn’t allow it to be shown in theaters, claiming it was too intense for audiences. But director Marcus Nispel threw it onto the DVD release of his Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake. The teaser is a perfect example of how sometimes the imagination is more terrifying than reality. Unfortunately for the viewer, you get both. So turn off your lights, put on some headphones and press play…

By the way – in case you haven’t seen this. It’s a fairly good modern remake of the original. It doesn’t convey the sense of Documentary in any way like the original does. However it’s pretty gruesome and when watching it in the correct horror movie environment it is certain to get under your skin. Plus, Jessica Biel is smoking-hot in this flick.

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