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“Vulgar Display Of Power” Pantera (1992) – Bad Mood Music

I’m in a very bad mood right now. I’m sure the coffee I just started gulping down hasn’t helped the deep dark progression this mood spiral has taken. Part of me hates it. But the other part of me is gleefully screaming down this roller coaster with arms in the fucking sky.

Everyone has their go-to music for every type of mood and usually, when I get in a pissed off, break shit, set things on fire, fart on baby heads kind of mood, I’ll put on something like “Broken” by NIN or some old KMFDM but if my mood gets into the red I usually turn to one album to accompany my mental burning of the world. And that album is “Vulgar Display Of Power” by Pantera.

I really am not sure why I turn to this album, because I’m absolutely not a fan of Metal. That’s right, I said it.  I HATE METAL! Let it be known, if you are the type of person to reply back to me that Nine Inch Nails or KMFDM (pre “EXTORT” anyway) is Metal, it’d be hard for me not to knock out all of your teeth with the keyboard I’m currently hammering my fists on like a caveman to write this piece.

Am I the only one, when I get into a shitty mood, that has some sort of out of body experience as if I am watching said beast of a mental state slowly devolve into some sort of demonic pyromaniac beast? Come on, I’m sure I’m not the ONLY one, right!? Well, fine. But still, this Pantera album does the trick as the perfect soundtrack for this destructive path my fantasy self is on.  Of course, there are other options that would also suffice to accompany this blazen hell trail my fantasy self is leaving in its path.  Any German Industrial or Power noise would work just fine.  But I’m spent on that scene.

See, right now in my mind, I’m currently ripping all of my clothes off while throwing every bit of soft and hardware off of my desk out the window and into oncoming traffic. I’m throwing people into walls and I’m burning everyone’s lunch in the refrigerator here at work. In my mind’s eye, right now, I’m driving down the street as if I really am one of the 3rd Street Saints. With giant purple dildo bat in hand, I’m lobbing grenades at everything only to stop and piss on a fire hydrant because I only relate to dogs right now.  Big burly dogs that Cesar Millan would have to answer to for whispering so god damned much.  Hairy, sweaty, don’t give a fuck dogs.  Who piss everywhere, who rape cats and hippos, who fight with giant purple dildo bats, who….you get the point.
And all the while, “Vulgar Display Of Power” is blasting somewhere, everywhere. And that makes every pretend action I just committed completely justified.

I feel better now.

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