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Sorry, On Hiatus!

The good news is I’ve been hard at work at my day job. Which if you really are interested, is producing in American reality TV. In fact if you care even more, you can watch Flip Men on SpikeTV Having spent the first part of the year on the road traveling across this vast country, I’ve not been able to devout as much time as needed to contribute and moderate this site. But rest assured, we will be back soon – in the meantime remember to follow us on Twitter, @a3wordreview – and remember, if the car doesn’t start and the fists don’t squeeze, you’ll get nothing but rotten tomatoes.

About Matt Edwards

I will usually rail on a film. Why? Because most films I end up seeing turn out to be garbage. Because the concept of the story was intriguing enough to get me in the seat, I usually get more upset and frustrated when I can clearly see where the film went wrong. I won’t be posting all the time because I actually work, have a girlfriend and don’t need to spend all frackin’ day writing reviews for free. Consider this blog a service to you. You can thank me at a book signing.


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