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Chicks With Chops – Top 3 Female Driven Comedy Web-Series

There is an ocean of really poor web series out there. But I ain’t here to bore you with what you already know. I’m here to give you the goods. The straight-up premium smack.

Rather than lament on why I think women comedic actors are the funniest – and they are – I’m just gonna highlight three women and their web-series who you should know. Letting their work speak for itself.

Specifically three web-series’ who’s female lead is a complete tool, a fragile novice and finally a 1st class bitch. And all three female actors are terrific ambassadors of web-series comedy.

In order of greatness.


InSAYSHAble – Beautiful Train Wreck

sayshaAmy Matysio created and stars in InSAYSHAble this terrific web-series shot in Canada. Saysha Grabinski is a pushing-30 (maybe hit it) train wreck who constantly makes everyone she encounters wonder… what color the sky is her world? Saysha was born without shame which, when you don’t have any real talent to speak of, is a shame. She exudes the definition of insatiable. Someone who is never satisfied. It’s not that she has mounds of success, money and fame and is just striving for more and more. She simply lives in a dreamland as if she does. In one episode, she uses the laundry facilities of an apartment complex she doesn’t even live in and then gets into a fight with a small-fry tenant when she keeps removing his clothes from the machines. Her self-entitlement makes you wish she get’s what’s coming to her. The sad part is, she often does. Matysio delivers a performance filled with not only hilarious righteous indignation but subtle moments of humility. It’s a performance that has garnered the actress multiple awards at various web-series festivals across the continent. ( Most recently in Hollywood where she won best actress and the show was named Best Comedy as well.) Director Jeff Beesley makes perfect use of camera, cast and location. Matysio is surrounded by a great supporting cast of characters. Most notably the lovable and deliciously over-the-top bff, Fran (played perfectly by Christina Sicolli). If this series was ever picked up for broadcast tv, cable or even Netflix – we could be looking at the next Laverne & Shirley. Making all our dreams come true.

Check out the first episode. [1 Season 7 Episodes] (Production Value – 10/10)


I’m Too Fragile For This – Just Keep Watching

fragileCathryn Mudon just hangs out with Connor Ratliff in I’m Too Fragile For This. And that’s it. The more you watch them, the funnier it gets. Cathryn has a subtle wit and it plays beautifully along with Connor. I can’t really give a proper review because even more than Seinfeld, it’s a show about nothing. Since these episodes are all mostly improvised, Cathryn gets to deliver one of my favorite things about sketch comedy – actors trying not to laugh. I dig it when one actor sort of drops out of it to realize and appreciate the humor another co-star and they are creating. It’s relatable and for a show like this, the charm os it works.

Check out this episode (Production Value – 8/10)


Psycho Girlfriend – Get Out Alive!

psychoWatching this brings back some horrid memories and a glimpse of what might have been. These relationships are out there everywhere… lurking. We see them sometimes at Starbucks or in line at Chipotle. Very often in the mall or as we sit in traffic and look over at the next car. The psycho girlfriend and her pathetically trapped man-child-friend ready to do battle. Lindsey Reckis as the girlfriend in question is spot on and dangerous. She carries the series and may even haunt your nightmares if you watch long enough. Tommy Savas plays the boyfriend and is good enough to believe someone as good looking as he is would tolerate the life he sentenced himself too. Psycho Girlfriend works so well because it’s not about the ex-girlfriend that usually permeates the web-series world. This take on this personality was ripe for parody, the sad part is that it’s not parody and we all know it to be true.

Check out this season 4 episode here. (Production Value 8/10)

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2 thoughts on “Chicks With Chops – Top 3 Female Driven Comedy Web-Series

  1. I think you should check out Versus Valerie ( if you dig strong female leads!

    Posted by Mike Fly | May 2, 2013, 4:58 pm
    • I love this show!! Also, Matt, I know you’re really busy with your other job and your girlfriend and your life because I read your bio but if you get a second please check out THE MOP AND LUCKY FILES at or on BlipTV. They were named by the WGA as one of the best shows on the web and have also won
      Best Web Series at numerous festivals. There was no email for you so I had to be obnoxious and put this in a comment, sorry!

      Posted by chloelunchbox | May 25, 2013, 12:34 pm

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