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Horrible Bosses (2011) – An Unrealistic Mess

So let me get this straight, you are asking me to believe that a loser of a man, engaged to whoever, is repulsed by the overt sexual advances of his smoking-hot boss, played by the smoking-hot, never looked better (well almost and almost), Jennifer Aniston? Hollywood studio, you are asking me to believe that Dale’s (Charlie Day) reason for being repulsed is that he is engaged… to be married… to a girl? Here are just a couple of things that would have made that story line much more relatable to audiences.

  1. Make his character a gay man. Thus making his boss want to try and screw the gay out of him. How many times have women been attracted to a gay man only to then want even more what they can never have. Was Hollywood afraid of stereotyping a gay character by making him a dental assistant/nurse to the smoking hot female DDS?
  2. Cast Melissa McCarthy or someone similar to be his boss. Can you imagine, during the iPad scene, the photographs of the (tasteless) “sleep-rape” involved the beloved-dumpy Megan from Bridesmaids instead of smoking-hot Jennifer Aniston? Now that would have been worthy of the pushing the envelope humor that reigns in comedy’s these days. (See Knocked Up, Borat, and Bridesmaids)
  3. Set up that his fiance is a rich raging lunatic who has control of Dale’s balls and then when the audience finally can’t stand that this guy won’t leave her… boom, he says fuck-it and nails his smoking-hot Jennifer Aniston boss and becomes a man.

So it’s apparent someone loved Kevin Spacey’s performance in Swimming With Sharks so much that they had to cast Kevin Spacey in an attempt to capture the magic he unloaded in that film. FAIL. Maybe they thought Spacey would ad-lib or conjure up Buddy’s ghost to deliver. Kevin probably signed on for the paycheck, looked at the script and went  – whatever… I’ll be watching Jack Lemmon films in my trailer until you need me.

Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day turn in the performances they were cast for. So as for the casting of the lead characters goes, sure it worked. Charlie Day knew this was his chance to turn in a Zach Galifianakis/Jack Black scene stealing performance to make himself the sidekick flavor of the month and leaving TV behind for the big screen. He tried his best but it ultimately fails because he is stuck with the film’s worst storyline. I’m sorry to post another pick re-hash this but if smoking-hot Jennifer Aniston is jonesin’ for you like The Wire’s Bubbles on crack, you hit it and accept the consequences.

Jamie Foxx was in this movie too. I don’t know why. Was he good? It was Jamie Foxx as a character named Motherfucker Jones, Ha-ha-ha… ha… [sigh] now what?

Oh yeah, and someone must have told Colin Farrell this role would give him comedy street-cred the same way Tropic Thunder gave Tom Cruise his. They lied.

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I will usually rail on a film. Why? Because most films I end up seeing turn out to be garbage. Because the concept of the story was intriguing enough to get me in the seat, I usually get more upset and frustrated when I can clearly see where the film went wrong. I won’t be posting all the time because I actually work, have a girlfriend and don’t need to spend all frackin’ day writing reviews for free. Consider this blog a service to you. You can thank me at a book signing.


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